M51 Field Jacket, Belgium

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Appropriately made in Belgium, this Classic M-51 combat jacket has been seen in the movie" Saving Private Ryan". The M51 jacket has a long and proven history. Stay warm and dry, and own a piece of history! Fully working zippers, the M51 Field Jacket looks terrific with applied patches, flags, and metals mixing the color. The jacket also fits well subdued standing alone as a piece of history. Acting students and theater costumers are invited to buy in bulk. camoLOTS has a great supply of realistic costume props for movie backgrounds. As seen in the film, "Saving Private Ryan", this shockingly realistic D-Day sequences, where the troops invade under German gunfire - All helmets, M51 Field Jackets, and authentic World War II uniforms can be found at camoLOTS. Accessories may be: Gas masks, helmets, badges, holsters, World War II goggles, map flags, and for children - glow sticks.  The hood is hidden.

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