3 Web Pistol Belts - Grab Bag

2" Military Web Pistol Belts *Grab Bag of 3*

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Our Vintage Web Belts are second to none! Made of heavy-duty cotton canvas - these web belts are remnants of the 1940's and later military era!  These belts are SUPER FASHIONABLE and AUTHENTIC from different armies all around the world! Make these REAL belts your fashion! They are great for collectors, re-enactors and for a theater production.  All the buckles are all metal. The pistol/combat belts can vary between styles. They are usually either roller buckles or hook and loop style.  Take a look how you can use these belts in all different ways!

***This set of 3 - contains a mix of countries, colors, sizes and materials and styles

***Items in the pictures are samples or similar items of what will be sent- this "LOT" will be mixed color, sizes and materials. Some items may appear in the picture but no in the group.

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