US Army CVC Tanker Suit - U.S.A.

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This is one of the coolest costumes around. It was previously worn by a U.S. enlisted soldier who had an awesome tanker position. I am sure the garment could tell some stories. * Tanker Suit is make of nomex material, which is an expensive fire proofing protectant, worn by any enlisted soldier operating any type of automative machinery. * All brass zippers * Two angled 8" zip pockets with pull tabs at the chest. * Same size pockets at the waist. * Two 6" cargo pockets on the leg w/ zip closures. * Two side zippers and velcro closure across back for easy access in emergency situations. * Interesting ankle pockets that zip close * Another ankle zipper to close pants tight around the boots. * There is a small arm pocket for identification and pens or pencils. * The coolest feature of all is the nylon harness sewn to the inside of the coverall. It is an emergency handle to pull soldiers out of the tank. * They are a loose fit. Accessories may include: * Aviator sunglasses * Helmet green * Dust goggles * Combat boot patches * Leather gloves.

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