Genuine U.S. Issue Trigger Outer Glove - U.S.A.

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Don't go one more winter without protection from the cold. When the winter season rolls around these mittens are hard to keep in our stores. They are fully lined with a detachable liner. The upper to the mitt is a soft yet durable moleskin canvas. The underside is of soft tanned leather. They are known as trigger finger gloves to the enlisted. People use them for all types of reasons: YOU CAN TEXT with these..What could be more important? Naturally, they are used to shoot a gun. The freedom of the pointer finger enables the easy use of a gun in the frigid weather. Surveyors have purchased these mitts for more warmth and freedom when out on the job. Truck drivers are repeat customers. They like that they can pick items up and use a pen without the bother of removing the mitt. They are handy when outdoors to do any amount of work. A gentleman was in the other day, cutting down trees in his lot and his hands were frozen stiff. He was so thankful for these beauties. A cool factor with these is if your trigger finger should get cold you can easily tuck it inside with the others to warm up and then continue when ready. But these gloves are soooo warm, it shouldn't happen. Try them out let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you...

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