WW2 Unissued Knit Wool Trigger Mittens


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WW2 Unissued Knit Wool Trigger Mittens

We discovered these in our warehouse,the packing said 1943...My Grandfather wore these in the Battle of the Bulge.These trigger finger mittens are for mild to cold weather. They are knitted wool. The knit gauge is small therefore making it difficult for cold air to creep through any space in the mitt. Being that they are made of the warmest natural fiber around- wool, you will fell surely feel the difference. Trigger finger gloves are used for many reasons. They were created to work a rifle properly in the winter weather, though all kinds of outdoor work can be done with them. Operating chainsaws, delivering mail, snowplowing. Make your life a whole lot easier by using these gloves to enable your fingers the warmth without sacrificing less warmth to a glove. * They can be worn as liners in trigger finer gloves or alone as gloves

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