Assorted Mixed Military Officer Hats - New and Vintage

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Offering our lowest price for the Grand Opening!
Price $15.00 per pc. $12.00 per pc. $10.00 per pc.
Pack A (10 pcs.) B (50 pcs.) C (250 pcs.)
Assorted Colors & Sizes 10 pcs. 50 pcs. 250 pcs.

Our surplus Officer Caps come in Near New/Used Excellent condition and are sourced from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Canada, Russia, and various European countries. All hats are standard military issue style, with variations in color and design. This hat is great for outfitting productions, groups, reselling on your own "storefront" or re-purposing.

***This "LOT" of packs contains a mix of countries, colors, sizes and materials and styles.

***This pack does not come with accessories/pins - it is shown in the picture as an examples.  Items in the pictures are similar samples of what will be sent - this "LOT" will be mixed color, sizes and materials.

QUALITY CONTROL: Inspected to ensure ALL items are in a sellable condition.
SIZES: We understand how important sizes are, so we will always tell you what you will get and we will always do our best to have a good and fair assortment of sizes.
COLORS: The colors will be mixed unless notated on the product.
PACKS: We will ship your packs so it is easy to receive and put out for sale

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