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This version includes the spacer pads which are made with mod-acrylic which is a synthetic copolymer. Mod-acrylics are soft, strong, resilient, and dimensionally stable. They can be easily dyed, show good press and shape retention, and are quick to dry. They have outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents, are not attacked by moths or mildew, and are nonallergenic.

This model features a woven, stand up collar. It specifically designed for wear under tactical body armor.
This items is: Flame-retardant/fire resistant (FR), moisture wicking battle dress shirt and x-static silver fiber laced advanced protective fabric. This model has the Passive-Cooling protective pads!

The camouflage picture is shown but is just to show the specs of the garment, this garment comes in Sand and ACU Digital. We made a VERY SPECIAL BUY so we are passing the SAVINGS along to you !!! You will not find these "super combat shirts" anywhere in the world for cheaper. WE PROMISE.

Material/Fabric: Non-Allergenic Fiber

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