Spare Parts Pouch

Spare Parts Pouch- Vintage

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Spare Parts Pouch. This piece is in absolutely mint issue condition. Originally designed to carry spare parts for the 1919A4 Browning .30 caliber, these quickly became desired items for all infantry soldiers looking for an organized way to carry spare parts/tools for their weapon. The roll opens to expose several numbered pockets of varying sizes to hold critical parts such as firing pins, springs, screws, and needed tools for field maintenance. This particular piece was made by the British for the United States; a practice that was common in order to streamline and speed-up the production of much needed canvas equipment. There is a broadarrow clearly stamped on the inside of the lid to this pouch as a sign of British manufacture. This is a neat piece of militaria for anyone collecting WWII items. Also perfect for the U.S. martial arms collector.

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