Military Doughboy Puttees (Gaitors) - Vintage - Allied Forces

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These very unique and cool one size fits all Puttees were worn by British, Canadian and American Forces in WW1. These wool leg wraps are great for added warmth for avid outdoors people or wear them just to be stylish. They were designed to be used with any ankle-high boot to keep gravel or snow out, and wool retains 80% warmth when wet! These are also great for a theater production!

puttee, also spelled puttie, is the name, adapted from the Hindi paṭṭī, bandage (Skt. paṭṭa, strip of cloth), for a covering for the lower part of the leg from the ankle to the knee, alternatively known as: legwraps, leg bindings, winingas, or wickelbander.

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