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      Vintage Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Uniform


      Royal Canadian Air Force

      Air Marshal William Avery Bishop, VC in prewar RCAF full dress uniform.

      Full dress uniforms for units of the RCAF include a blue tunic, and blue trousers and facings. Air Force pipe bands are the only RCAF units authorized to wear full-dress uniform.[1]

      Type of unit Headgear Jacket Trousers or kilt
      Pipe bands Feather bonnet, blue plume Air force blue doublet, air force blue facings RCAF tartan
      Glengarry, light blue toorie


      From 1925 to 1940, full dress was authorized for all commissioned officers of the RCAF. It was optional for all officers when first introduced, and from 1 August 1935 was mandatory only after five year's paid service in the Permanent Active Air Force or on substantive promotion to the rank of flight lieutenant.[6] On 30 August 1940, the wear of full dress and mess dress was "suspended for the duration of hostilities". Full dress was subsequently removed from the RCAF dress regulations in 1944 and, unlike mess dress, was not re-introduced following the end of the Second World War. [7]


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