Assorted Men's Military Dress Shoes - Vintage

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Offering our lowest price for the Grand Opening!
Price $8.00 per pc. $7.00 per pc. $6.00 per pc.
Pack A (10 pcs.) B (50 pcs.) C (250 pcs.)
Assorted Colors & Sizes 10 pcs. 50 pcs. 250 pcs.

The condition of these shoes are: New, Near New and Used Excellent
The shoes come in assorted Colors/Sizes/Styles
Grade 1 is considered sellable with our sizes ranging from 7-12. These have shoelaces and are ready to sell immediately.

***Items in the pictures are similar samples of what will be sent - this "LOT" will be mixed color, sizes and materials.

QUALITY CONTROL: Inspected to ensure ALL items are in a sellable condition.
SIZES: We understand how important sizes are, so we will always tell you what you will get and we will always do our best to have a good and fair assortment of sizes.
COLORS: The colors will be mixed unless notated on the product.
PACKS: We will ship your packs so it is easy to receive and put out for sale

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