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      This is how it works: You can order a specific item - the more you buy, the more you save. Or take advantage of our Super "A Lot of Value" lots,  these are called "A lot of Value" because it is comprised of a Mixed/Assorted pack of a specific category. These " Lot of Value Packs " give you the lowest cost and you get to test your market by offering variety, it is by far the best value. We always guarantee you an assortment of sizes, styles, colors, countries etc...and all of these products are sellable immediately, just open your box, price and watch them sell. 



      CATEGORIZED: Sorted into main categories.

      QUALITY CONTROL: Inspected to ensure ALL items are in saleable condition.

      SIZED: We understand how important sizes are, so we will always tell you what you will get and we will always do our best to have a good and fair assortment of sizes.

      COLORS: The colors will be mixed unless indicated.

      PACKS: We will ship your packs so it is easy to receive and put out for sale.


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