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      Welcome to!

      As one of the largest Authentic Military Surplus Merchants in North America, we proudly invite you to browse our updated wholesale site, providing the best quality Military Surplus right to your door. Our new & improved wholesale website guarantees the most efficient and streamlined service to accommodate your surplus needs.

      camoLOTS tosses catalogues out the window and now offers a faster way of viewing and purchasing items instantly---we continue to stock our vast selection of World-Wide Government surplus and vintage fashions at low prices. To start your first visit, we are offering a few hundred products, about 1% of the inventory we house in our 500,000 sq ft Buffalo, NY warehouse. Stay tuned as we continue to list new seasonal products on a daily basis.

      The more you buy, the more you save! Take advantage of our 'A Lot Of Value' lots, including assorted goods of one category at our best possible prices; these packs provide good quality & selection, allowing you to test your market with variety & save money at the same time. An assortment of sizes, styles, colors, countries, etc. are guaranteed per pack. Just open your box, and watch your unique products sell!

      We welcome your feedback on how to improve your shopping experience as we constantly strive to cater to all merchants. You can use your own shipping company or ours, and we will introduce our Drop Ship Program in the near future.

      Please keep an eye out for our 'Hell-Of-A-Deals' emailer, and feel free to email me directly regarding any concerns/needs/wants/suggestions @


      The Entire camoLOTS Team.