Warfare Bio Pants - Belgium

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World War I taught the dangers of Chemical Warfare in Belgium. This Belgium Biological Warfare Style Pant shows the need for education. We carry authentic World War I and World War II materials. Historical Note: In early April 1915 the French XX Corps had been withdrawn from the line near Ypres and replaced by 17 companies of African colonials and two battalions of the 45th Algerian Zouave Division. Belgium and Canadian units flanked them. Across the mud of no man's land were German troops that had waited, in classic trench warfare routine, through weeks of inactivity. The Germans conducted the first chlorine gas attack on 22 April 1915, against French and Algerian troops facing them at Ypres in Belgium. The Germans set up 5,730 cylinders of chlorine gas and opened their valves. 180 tons  of gas were released, forming a dense green cloud that rolled into Allied lines. At 30 parts of chlorine to a million parts of air, chlorine gas is a nasty irritant that causes harsh coughing. At 1,000 parts per million, it is lethal, caustically stripping the lining from the lungs and causing victims to drown in their own fluids. The results of the gas attack were devastating. The French and Algerian soldiers choked, their lungs burning, and slowly died. The gas cloud tinted everything a sickly green. Those who could escape the cloud fled in panic. Before dawn on 24 April, the Germans poured gas into Canadian lines, with similar results. Allied casualties in the two days of gas attacks were estimated at 5,000 dead, with 10,000 more disabled, half of them permanently.

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