a US Army CVC Tanker Suit

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US Army Combat Vehicle Crew Suit, utility coverall containing elements and details with flightsuits of the era. Heavy twill combining Nomex fiber. Diagonal zipper breast pockets and functional sleeve zippers. Suit made of Nomex flame retardant material. Worn by enlisted soldiers operating any type of automative machinery. * All brass zippers * Two angled 8" zip pockets with pull tabs at the chest. * Same size pockets at the waist. * Two 6" cargo pockets on the leg w/ zip closures. * Two side zippers and velco closure across back for easy access in emergency situations. * Interesting ankle pockets that zip close * Another ankle zipper to close pants tight around the boots. * There is a small arm pocket for identification and pens or pencils. * The coolest feature of all is the nylon harness sewn to the inside of the coverall. It is an emergency bandle to pull soldiers out of the tank. * The sizes available are small and medium. They are a loose fit.

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