U.S. Army Chemical Protective Suit, New

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The U.S. Army Chemical Protective 2 Piece Outfit is a jacket/pant combination good for working in chemical surroundings with a gas mask. It is the protective wear worn by the U.S. troops when going into harmful territories caused by chemical attack. It is also very warn due to the charcoal acting as an insulator. Hunters love it! It locks in the human scent - Not to be traced by animals with a keen sense of smell. Worn as a full protective suit, the outfit is a full protective suit worn with rubber gloves, rubber boots, and a gas mask. Many people purchase the entire set and store it in a safe air tight bag, to be on the safe side. Uncle Sams protective clothing is available in a wide variety of heat-resistant materials for exterior shells, insulations and linings. Our clothing offers the maximum protection in extreme environmental situations while providing the maximum comfort and maneuverability. Soldiers and others in counter-terrorism and emergency response operations involving unexploded chemical and biological weapons and toxic industrial chemicals need the best personal protection available. In response to that requirement, the Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) has developed a suit that will protect Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), technical escort unit, chemical activity, and depot personnel from all known toxic chemical and biological warfare agents, as well as industrial chemicals, oxidizers, and rocket fuels. The self-contained toxic environment protective outfit (STEPO) was developed under the management of Project Manager (PM)-Soldier at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is rated "Level A" by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, which means it is suitable for use when the greatest level of skin, respiratory, and eye protection is required.

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