P37 Web Braces/Staps 8 Piece Kit

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P37 Web Braces 8 Piece Kit. Supports any 2" web belt with quick clamp-on fasteners and x-strap support system, such as our British/Canadian 54 Pattern web belt(which is available in khaki as well), SKU# 54patBelt Web "braces". Not to be confused with the braces, which hold the pants up. Certainly not to be confused with the term "suspenders" which in England is something women use to hold up their nylons. Two required one right and one left. Extras can be used to make haversack or used on the water bottle for easier access. Great for reenactors, airsoft, paintball as well as theatre and stage- plays Includes: -4 clip supports -2 web X-straps(Braces) -2 accessory blanket straps