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      Vintage USMC Dress Uniform

      United States Marine Corps Dress Uniform.

      This are sold to anyone that respects the uniform. Either you are a collector, Military Enthusiast, Movie Production, Theatrical Production, Rock Star honoring Heroes, Funeral Dress, Photoshoot or other various uses. It is ESSENTIAL that you understand that a Marine can not be impersonated in an official manner. Many of our Uniforms are purchased from Marines that leave the service and need funds so our prices may be higher than we would like them to be, but it is for a good cause. 

      Prices are based on: Style, Rank, Condition, but most of all SIZE. Marines are FIT, anything over a 40 is very hard to get. Many Marines as they get older get larger and that's why the Larger sizes like a 42-44 are very pricey as they are impossible to get, and hard to keep in stock. Supply and Demand.

      We are here to help you with the Jacket, Pants, and anything else you are seeking.

      We also have a rental program if you are on a tight budget. Give us a call @716-783-6776 or email and she will help outfit your needs. 

      Thank you.

      Semper Fi


      The Real Story of the Marine Corps Blues

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