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      Wholesale Bulk Lots

      Wholesale Bulk Lots

      Here you will find our same quality products that we offer individually, but in wholesale BULK packages or "grab bags". The more you buy the more you save, which is ALWAYS great!

      Since presenting CamoLOTS ~ The new, super secure, vastly improved website and retail outlet that has specialized in worldwide government surplus since our establishment in 1969. We have been working hard to provide you with a wide variety of new and vintage Authentic Military Surplus, purchased directly from Military Branches in over 26 different countries around the world in WHOLESALE form right from our WH in Buffalo NY!
      Our mission is and always has been, "To bring Military Surplus to the people at affordable prices."

      While we miss our New York, and Toronto stores, it has allowed us time to focus, regroup and get you better quality items at affordable prices! You can still shop at our recently opened Super Outlet in Buffalo, NY

      1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210 T: 716-783-7667.

      We will be adding to our ever growing wholesale selections regularly! If you have any questions about our wholesale program, or would like to sign up to be the first to get newly released products...
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