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      Our Customers

      Who are our customers?

      Our customers are people from all over the world who have invested in our company and have helped us grow and become what we are today. Our customers use our products in a variety of ways. Some may be used for fashion shows and photoshoots, for a profession, costuming a movie set, for a themed event, and more. We help them make well-informed choice on their purchase and the best way to use their products. 

      Regardless of the item or the item's use, we are committed to providing our customers consistent service that is tailored to their needs. The relationship we have with our customers is supreme. We work very hard at helping them achieve the look or feel they want to have. In turn, our success relies upon the suggestions of our customers.

      We attract a number of local and international customers and businesses wishing to share their experience with us. Several of our customers were kind enough to comment on our product and customer service. 

      We understand that without our satisfied customers we are nothing. Thank you so much for all your Support.
      We are certainly not perfect but we know how to correct our mistakes and this is why we have earned so many great customers. 

      Thank you, truly. 

      CamoLOTS Team

      Customer Testimonials

      Whom it concerns,
      I received the pants yesterday. My wife will alternate the waist and from there it will be completed. Please thank Betsy for us for having the patients and getting everything I needed. Have a nice day
      - Manuel and Mami.
      Hey there! You may remember me, I purchased a parachute from you guys back in January or February, I can’t member exactly when. I wanted to say thanks again, I had a blast turning it into a gown and toting it to Hawaii for my wedding! 

      Anne Shackelford
      Got my order and it is great! Thanks so much. I have ordered 3 of these jumpsuits and they are all a little different and all excellent. I will probably get some more! 
      W   French Coverall Olive Drab
      - Oregon
      The blankets arrived today - and already on my chairs around the firepit waiting to keep us warm.  I also have your 50% wool blankets so the combo of 50% on top near the fire and 70% in the bum shadows will surely keep us toasty!
      I wish your site accepted reviews as I have purchased a multitude of items over the years and have never been disappointed.
      Take care, Happy Holidays, Cheers!
      John, Idaho

      We’re living in challenging and uncertain times. Yet, I am humbled, once
      more, by the generosity of our donor community, and how quickly our
      partners and people like you have mobilized to support SickKids patients
      and staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Thank you for your gift-in-kind commitment of PPE items. By contributing this in-kind gift you are helping to protect our frontline staff during this crisis.
      At SickKids Foundation, our immediate priority is to help our hospital be as
      nimble and effective as possible in the response to COVID-19, while
      keeping patients, families, and staff safe and well. Donor support like yours is
      key to this effort. When we move beyond this crisis, we’ll approach the
      challenge of building the new SickKids with renewed urgency, buoyed by
      how our community of big-hearted supporters and generous donors helped
      us get through.
      Your support of SickKids is more important to us than ever. Our heartfelt
      thanks to you for reaching out and making a difference.
      Best wishes to you, your family, and the people you love for good health.

      - Sick Kids Foundation, Canada

      Thank you for your kind words. I have used my set of vintage british mess tins every day at work. My coworkers think I'm very odd for making my lunch in something so retro. And yet, they seem to be very interested all the same. 
      Christopher, Connecticut

      I am pleased with the product I ordered and the shipping time. Thanks, I would definitely order from you again.
      – Wilburn, Colorado

      Your website states that you have the best customer service in the industry, and I can see you can back that claim up. Thank you again for the urgency and responsiveness of your customer service. I have recommended your website to the rest of my team, who still need some equipment for an upcoming operation, and I have also posted good feedback for you on our local field website. I would appreciate it if you could forward this one to your supervisor so that he or she can see for themselves my level of satisfaction with your store, and especially with your online service department. Thank you again!
      – Lance, California

      We got the stuff yesterday. we are very satisfied with the stuff we got, and everything met our expectations.
      – Shane, Canada

      Good evening, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the jacket and quite happy with purchase, thank you.
      – Rob, Canada

      Thanks for your help and I really love your company and your products. No shipping and great prices, that's awesome. I'll be a faithful customer for a long time.
      – Steve, California

      Thank you so much, I look forward to doing more business with you. You have a lot of great things.
      – Steve, Ohio

      Thank you much guys! Your site is awesome.
      – Mark, New York

      Thanks folks for your excellent service.
      – Mike, Washington

      You have a fantastic website and I plan on using it many times in the future.
      – Alexei, Hawaii

      Thank you, I look forward to getting my order and placing more.
      – Kyle, Texas

      You have a great selection and I have passed your website on to many veterans and active duty troops. Thanks.
      – Ken, Minnesota

      Great Stuff! Thanks in advance!
      – Robert, Illinois

      Thanks a guys have a LOT of neat stuff!!! I already forwarded this site to friends/family! Great stuff keep it up!
      – Hedi, North Carolina

      Thanks for your great service.
      – Kurt, Colorado

      Thank you very much for sorting it out. Truly excellent thanks.
      – Piet, Washington

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You really came through for me! I greatly appreciate you getting the belt and the cap to me overnight. The party was a big success and we are already talking about doing it all over again next year! You have restored my confidence in Uncle Sam's and I will be recommending your store and service! Thanks again
      – Ralph, California

      I would like to thank you guys very much for your service.
      – Theodore, Virginia

      Thanks for the prompt replies, my order was received on time, I am very happy with the jacket's quality. Thanks.
      – Denis, New York

      Thank you very much. You guys rock. I'm spreading the word about you guys.
      – Katrina, Colorado

      Just letting you know I got my order. I'm very satisfied. You guys are terrific. I'll be ordering again soon. Wonderful service. Great products.
      – Gerard, New York

      I must say that I am very pleased with your services and the goods I have received.
      – Peter, Sweden

      I just received my Belgium Great Coat from you folks and I have to say, I've bought other items of clothing that looked good in the online advertisements but when I received them, they were substandard in both workmanship and quality. Your Belgium Great Coat however was a wonderful treat to take out of the box and put on. This coat is a grade A+ piece of workmanship. The fabric is durable thick and warm, the buttons aren't cheap and made of tin but are true brass. Overall it exceeds all of my expectations! I can't begin to tell you how pleasing it is to actually find and receive an item and actually have it surpass my fears. You guys are great!
      – Scott, New Hampshire

      Just a quick note to let you know I received my order. I am very pleased with the service and the items and will be dealing with you again! Well done!
      – Matt, Canada

      Finally a surplus store that has what a person wants
      – Larry, South Carolina

      Thank you for such speedy delivery of my order which arrived in less than a week given that I specified free shipping! It was really a surprise! Also, my clothing items were 110% satisfactory. If I have any extra money in my budget by the end of the month you know where I'll be spending it!
      – Robin, Pennsylvania

      I will be purchasing from you again very soon. Signed, a very happy camper.
      – Kris, Canada

      Received the first order I made with you several days ago. You are great to deal with. And prompt.
      – Don, Minnesota

      Hello, I received my order today. I'm impressed with your delivery turn-around. Much better than your competitors.
      – Jon, Georgia

      Please be informed that the package I was expecting has arrived today and it's in brilliant condition. As for the boots, only one word can describe them: Excellent! Thank you very much for your interest in trying to help me.
      – Marios, Greece

      Just wanted to say I love your website and your company! More companies should have a Live Customer Service Chat room. Merry Christmas and keep on GROWING!
      – LJ, Wisconsin

      Many thanks for your phone call. It's a great service, unfortunately unknown by German stores... The jackets arrived last Monday, just in time for the first snow here in Franconia. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
      – Joerg, Germany

      Many thanks! By the way, now thanks to your offer I solved my Christmas-Gifts-Big-Problem in case of my family male members. Having in mind that we have Christmas every year and my family members have at least one birthday and one name day per annum it is even better than turning to a friend or two. So, I promise to be not only loyal but also heavy customer.
      – Krzysztof, Poland

      Great thanks for your excellent service, product and price. VERY much appreciated!
      – Mel, California

      I work for a very small company and our best asset is good service. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. I ordered a Christmas present for my Nephew, and I asked for the free shipping. I received my package about four days after I ordered it. What wonderful service. I appreciate the way you do business. Well done, and I hope you have a busy and successful Holiday season.
      – Ruth, Ohio