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      Vintage/Surplus Clothing

      Vintage/Surplus Clothing

      We work hard to bring you Affordable Military Surplus!

      We offer different conditions of each product, from Used Excellent/Near New to Used Poor.

      Giving you the option of paying for exactly what you are looking for!

      Please know that sizing is limiteted in suplrus and is also priced according to size availability

      If you have ANY questions regarding any of our product

      Please email

      Collection Menu
      W   French Coverall Olive Drab W   French Coverall Olive DrabOn Sale
      From $ 37.50 $ 71.81
      French Army Jeep Coat French Army Jeep CoatOn Sale
      From $ 168.75 $ 500.00
      WW2 Rommel Goggles WW2 Rommel GogglesOn Sale
      From $ 18.00 $ 35.87
      Swiss Wool Tunic Swiss Wool TunicOn Sale
      From $ 33.75 $ 89.11