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      If you are contacting us in regards to a current order, please include your Order ID number so we can better assist you.

      If you have questions about a specific product, please have the product information/link ready, for us to better assist you with exactly what you are inquiring about

      Find our Buffalo Super Outlet Store: 1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14210 
      Call our Buffalo Super Outlet Store: 1-716-783-7667
      Email us at:

      admin@camolots.com for general questions
      sales@camolots.com for buying questions
      betsy@camolots.com for Sales/Customer Service questions
      rob@camolots.com for Uniform Outfitting/Props questions
      jobs@camolots.com for New Positions / Help Wanted
      rich@camolots.com for everything else. 

      We are here to assist you.