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      Vintage US Army Dress Uniforms

      Current Service uniform

      The Army Green Service Uniform

      The current garrison service uniform is known as the "Army Service Uniform".[18] In late 2018, a new version based on the "pinks and greens" officers' service uniform worn in World War II and the Korean War was announced.[15][19] The new service uniform includes a dark olive drab coat, light drab trousers, a khaki shirt, an olive drab tie, and brown leather shoes for both men and women, with women having the option to wear a pencil skirt and pumps instead.[20] The uniform became available to soldiers in mid-2020.[21]

      Promotional photo for Army Reserve Recruiting. The blue and gold ceremonial belt is optional and not generally worn by all units, only the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).

      The new Army Green Service Uniform replaced the previous blue uniform. As of 2020, the Army Blue Service Uniform remains the Army's formal and ceremonial dress uniform. From 2010 to 2020, it was also used as the Army's daily wear uniform. The Army has a tradition of blue uniforms dating to the Revolutionary War. The blue uniform, which had been the formal dress uniform, replaced in daily wear the previous green service uniform used all officers and enlisted personnel since its introduction in 1956.[22][23] That green uniform had replaced the original "pinks and greens" uniform that had been used during World War II and the Korean War.

      Mess uniform

      Colonel Palmatier in the "Special Evening Dress" worn as an optional alternative to the Army Mess Uniform by officers from 1902 to 1969

      Mess dress is the military term for the formal evening dress worn in the mess or at other formal occasions. This is generally worn as the military equivalent of white tie or black tie. The Army has two versions, a blue winter version and a white summer version, each worn with different accessories depending on the formality of the occasion.

      The blue mess uniform comprises the Army blue mess jacket, high-waisted trousers, white semi formal dress shirt with a turndown collar, black bow tie, and black cummerbund. The blue trousers are cut along the lines of civilian dress trousers, with a high waist and without pleats, cuffs, or hip pockets. The trouser leg ornamentation consists of an ornamental braid worn on the outside seam of the trouser leg, from the bottom of the waistband to the bottom of the trouser leg. General officers wear pants of the same color as the jacket, with two ½–inch, gold-colored braids, spaced ½ inch apart. Current stated uniform regulation for mess dress is that all other officers and enlisted personnel wear lighter blue trousers with a single 1 ½ inch, gold-colored braid. When worn for white tie events, it is worn with a white formal dress shirt with a wing collar, white waistcoat, and white bow tie instead of the black tie versions.

      The white mess uniform is similar, but features a white mess jacket and black high-waisted trousers instead. The trousers are the same for all ranks.


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