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      Vintage/Surplus Headwear

      Vintage/Surplus Headwear

      We have it ALL

      Whether you are looking to top off an officer dress outfit, stay warm or keep protected, we have you covered

      We have Officers cap, Wedge caps, Patrol Caps, Watch Caps, Winter Hats, Touques, Balaclavas, Face masks, Scarves, Helmets and even Gas Masks!

      Collection Menu
      U.S. Flag Bandana
      From $ 3.95
      22" Camo Bandana 22" Camo Bandana
      From $ 3.95
      Danish Wool Garrison Cap Danish Wool Garrison CapOn Sale
      From $ 10.00 $ 19.95
      Boonie Hat Boonie Hat
      $ 14.95
      BDU Hat BDU HatOn Sale
      From $ 6.50 $ 10.00
      Dutch Army Fatigue Cap Dutch Army Fatigue CapOn Sale
      From $ 15.00 $ 20.00
      Swiss Wool Scarf On Sale
      From $ 10.00 $ 19.90