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      Vintage Royal Canadian Naval Uniform

      Royal Canadian Navy

      Full dress for members of the RCN includes a navy blue tunic and trousers with white facings, although the Canadian Forces dress instructions state that naval full dress is no longer issued.[1] The Navy undress uniform is the only undress uniform usually purchased by individuals, and consists of a high-collared white jacket, worn with issued white DEU trousers. Nos 1 (Accoutrements), 1A, and 2B in the forces' order of dress are based on the command's service dress uniform.

      Service dress

      No. 3 Service Dress
      No. 3B Service Dress
      Officers of the Royal Canadian Navy in service dress

      Each environment is assigned a distinctive "duty uniform," known as service dress, or No. 3 Dress.

      The service dress uniform consists of an environmental pattern jacket, long- or short-sleeved dress shirt, necktie, trousers (skirt optional for women), and black oxfords or ankle boots. Jackets, trousers, skirts, sweaters (for No. 3C), scarves, raincoats, overcoat, and parkas are in the environmental colours of navy blue (actually black), rifle green, and air force blue; shirts are white, linden green, or light blue.


      Sea element personnel were issued a "navy blue" (actually a tone of black according to Canadian Forces Dress Instructions) six-on-three double-breasted jacket and trousers, white shirt, and white peaked cap. For the summer periods Navy personnel may wear white trousers, white web belt for the trousers, and white socks and shoes with No. 3B. These white items may also be worn with a privately purchased high-collared white tunic (No. 1C or 1D).

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