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      Collectible 1937 Pattern Web Equipment

      Collectible 1937 Pattern Web Equipment

      1937 Pattern Web Equipment (also known as '37 Webbing' or P37 Webbing) was an item of military load-carrying equipment. It replaced the 1908 Pattern and 1925 Pattern—on which it was based—and was standard issue for British and Commonwealth troops from its introduction in 1937, throughout World War II, and in the post-war period until it was superseded by 58 pattern webbing.

      1937 Pattern Webbing was made from cotton webbing, which was waterproofed and dyed before being woven.The fittings were made of stamped brass—blackened steel post war—and it was produced by various manufacturers. It was produced in a khaki colour for the Army, which could then be dyed with Blanco, most often to pea green (a light-green shade) and blue-grey for the Royal Air Force. Military Police had white webbing.

      Standard components included a belt (issued in sizes Normal and Large), cross straps (called 'braces'), cartridge pouches for .303 ammunition (which gave way to 'universal' pouches to carry ammunition for an array of infantry weapons then in use by the British Army, in addition to grenades), a carrier for the waterbottle and a small pack.

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