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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What is my tracking number? 

      A: Please go to your order and there will be a tracking number attached to your order even if you did not receive an email about it

      Q: I need help with......

      A: Please email for any type of help. If you are curious about your order please email The store does not deal with internet customers because they are taking care of in store customers. 

      Q: Where are you located?

      A: We have a store located at 1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY. We also have a 7 floor warehouse located on Larkin Street in the beautiful Larkinville also in Buffalo NY, not far from our store. We have our best, most knowledgeable employees working on all of our websites needs right from the comfort of their homes and are there to assist you and any questions you may have about our product and/or orders.

      Q: Is there a number I can call and speak to someone?

      A: Yes, You can call our Buffalo store @716-783-7667 and speak to one of our experienced retail customer service representatives. They can offer you IN STOCK suggestions, as well as answer all your questions about specific sizing etc.


      Q: Where does my item ship from?

      A: 90%  of all orders come from our 7 floor Warehouse in Buffalo NY

      Q: How long will it take for my order to ship once ordered?

      A: Each item is hand picked per order. It takes 2 - 7 business days (depending on how large and size specific your order is). Once Packed, it is regular standard shipping times, depending on what you selected as your shipping priority.

      Q: How do I know when my order has shipped?

      A:  Once your item has been PICKED and put on the truck it will update to say “out for delivery”. Please understand that EACH order is hand picked and can take 2 - 7 days before being shipped.

      Q: Can I ask for a discount and HOW?

      A: YES, Simply hit the MAKE AN OFFER BUTTON (located right underneath the ADD TO CART BUTTON) and wait for approx 24 hours for a response. You will either get an ACCEPTED, a COUNTER, or a DECLINED response. 

      Q: What is “Make an offer”?

      A: It is an APP that allows customers a chance to do just that… Make an offer on any of our products' prices. You never know what kind of discount you may get!

      Q: What is the difference between New and Vintage and Surplus?

      A: NEW = Commercially manufactured items that were mostly NOT issued for the military. There will still  be military grade new items, that were not issued as well as less expensive and possibly made in china. VINTAGE = it was once loved and worn previously and may or may not have been ISSUED by the military. Surplus can be NEW and VINTAGE as anything EXTRA in the military is considered SURPLUS. This means it could be BRAND NEW (in package) and ISSUED for a military. But was never worn as it was extra.

      Q: Do you BUY vintage clothing?


      Please send us an email with any inquiries at

      Help save our landfills and send us your MILITARY surplus! Save Clothing Landfills!


      LOCAL (1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY)

      $.50 a LB For Cash

      $1.00 a LB For Store Credit

      Bring it in and we will weigh and grade it


      a) Grade 1 - $2.00 a lb 

      (less the cost of the pick up label)

      b) Grade 2 - $1.00 a lb

      (less the cost of the pick up label)

      c) Grade 3 - not interested

      *Any Grade 3 items, you can send a label and we will ship it back to you. 

      Call or send an email to to arrange for a PICK UP.

      We may request PICTURES or video of your product.

      Once you qualify, we will send a label and pay for them based on GRADING


      Please send us an email with any inquiries at


      Q: Do you take donations/drop offs of clothing?

      A: WE ONLY ACCEPT MILITARY ITEMS. Please do not drop off anything. Call our store and ensure someone is there to to assist you.

      LOCAL (1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY)

      $.50 a LB For Cash

      $1.00 a LB For Store Credit

      Bring it in and we will weigh and grade it!