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      Mystery Grab Bag - Great Value, Best way to shop !

      Captain has ordered us to clear out our FOOTLOCKERS.
      Super Steals to be had by all deal seekers. 

      Buy the contents of a full FOOTLOCKER or Le$$. Makes a great holiday season gift (all year round) for the treasure hunters in your life. Super fun and great value. When our Privates pick, pull and pack for you, you save 50 to 100%, yes 100%, because we LOVE giving FREE items. This makes the value of your Mystery box be at least double what you would pay for the individual items. Our experienced pickers love shopping for our loyal risk taking customers.

      We will shop for you once you pick your mystery package SIZE;

      small (pouch) 3-4 lbs
      medium (bag), 6-8 lbs
      large (box) 10-12lbs
      xlarge (crate) up to 20 lbs

      We will also ask you to pick from a few different categories because we want to impress you and keep you returning for more. We will also ask for some personalized notes at check out such as gender of recipient, size, interests, age such as child, teenager, adult etc. There are surplus and vintage goods and new products.

      Grab a bag below:
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