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      Vintage Jackets & Coats

      Vintage Jackets & Coats

      Camolots carries the largest selection of over 26 different countries vintage military jackets & coats.

      From lightweight BDU  & field jackets, warm wool coats, trench coats and all the liners that go with them, we have you covered!

      See our Cold Weather Collection for our selection of Military Parkas and everything you need to stay warm this winter!

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      Swiss Wool Tunic Swiss Wool TunicOn Sale
      From $ 45.00 $ 89.11
      Vest Cotton Vest Cotton
      $ 5.00
      Nomex Jacket On Sale
      From $ 125.00 $ 147.67
      Vintage Swiss Wool Tunic Vintage Swiss Wool TunicOn Sale
      From $ 50.00 $ 70.48
      German Chemical Warfare Trenchcoat German Chemical Warfare TrenchcoatOn Sale
      From $ 250.00 $ 596.22
      Mens Nylon Raincoat Mens Nylon RaincoatOn Sale
      From $ 15.00 $ 29.22