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      Welcome to (BETA but you can still BUY site)


      Uncle Sam's Presents CamoLOTS - the new super secure and vastly improved website and retail outlet that specialize in military surplus from 26 countries as well as carrying related new and vintage merchandise. Our mission is to bring Military Surplus to the people at affordable prices.

      We have recently opened a new Super Outlet in Buffalo, NY located at 1503 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210 T: 716-783-7667 . Besides all the staples that you would expect, you will find quirky lifestyle and art pieces- you never know what to expect! Search and Rescued is our boutique version in Kensington Market @ 184 Baldwin Street T: 416-979-2266 in Toronto, Canada. There besides the basics, you will also find upcycled garments that many up and coming designers have designed using  military surplus. But no matter where you shop, our staff is friendly, knowledgable, and helpful.

      We have just relaunched our website and we believe it is more user friendly. If you do not see something, email us and we will check our warehouse in Buffalo, NY for it. We are constantly adding product so check back often for our Specials of the Week and Flash Sales.

      Uncle Sam's/CamoLOTS was green long before it was the trendy thing to be. By buying from the military, we have saved millions of pounds of clothing from going into Landfill. So by you buying and wearing Surplus, not only do you look great, but you are helping our planet.

      We look forward to hearing your feedback.


      The Entire camoLOTS Team.