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      Captain has ordered us to clear out our FOOTLOCKERS.

      Super Steals to be had by all deal seekers. 

      Buy the contents of a full FOOTLOCKER or Le$$. Makes a great gift (all year round) for the treasure hunters in your life. Super fun and great value. When our Privates pick, pull and pack for you, you save 50 to 100%, yes 100%, because we LOVE giving FREE items. This makes the value of your Mystery box at least double what you would pay for the individual items. Our experienced pickers love shopping for our loyal risk taking customers.

      We will shop for you once you pick your mystery package SIZE;

      small : 1-3 lbs
      medium: 4-6 lbs
      large: 7-10lbs
      xlarge: up to 15 lbs

      We will also ask you to pick from a few different categories because we want to impress you and keep you returning for more. We will also ask for some personalized notes at check out such as gender of recipient, size, interests, age such as child, teenager, adult etc. There are surplus and vintage goods and new products too. See details below:

      Winter package- For the cold snowy season that is approaching,  a selection could include items like: US tactical gloves, Russian winter hat, wool socks, warm commando sweaters, field & combat jacket, sweatshirt & pants, snow camoflage netting, face mask, boots, thermals, wool cargo pants, neck warmers and much much more....

      Summer package: For those lucky enough to be going to a warm climate 
      the offerings could be some of the following: khaki shorts, PT t-shirts, vintage bathing suit from 1980, US Army Tropical mosquito netting shirt, Canadian Army skirt, BW tank top, Tilly hat, compass pouch, haversack, and much much more...

      Fashion Bag: for those who love showing their fashion sense- Vintage tees or tye dye shirts, fashion t-shirt or vintage skirt, leather jacket, wedge cap, band jacket, herringbone jacket and or pant, vintage jacket liner, patches, pins, bag, moleskin field shirt, flightsuit and much much more....

      Surplus Camping: MRE's, camo netting, canteen, utensils, knife, blanket, sleeping bag cover, camouflage pants, jacket, gloves, thermals, bear jacket, hat, gloves, multi tools, and if you are really lucky some vintage brand new enamel ware.......

      Hunting Surplus Bag: for those who love hunting.....
      On the hunt? Open your mystery bag and get some basics - it might be a tent shelter, sleeping bag cover, mres, knife, boots, multi-tool, camo netting. Stay dry, safe, and comfortable.

      Mixed Camo Bag: for those who love showing their CAMO off, or just hiding in the woods or at a ROCK CONCERT- Vintage tees, jackets, pants, bags, helmet covers, New, Vintage, GI and Commercial mixed field shirt, flightsuits. For those of you who can't get enough camo- let us pick your camo- it might be a snow camo, or a tiger stripe, or woodland, or german flectar field jacket. Let's get you some variety.

      Super Surplus Mystery Deal Package
      We constantly have new deals arriving at our warehouse - it might be light bulbs, suggestion boxes, Canadian Cotton sheets and towels, anglehead flashlights, safety goggles, face shields, husky boxes, long johns, cotton t shirts, home accessories and so much more - it is sometimes a mystery to us as to what we are getting and we want to share the surprises!!

      4 Upcycling Mixed Materials / Items Fashion Bag
      For all the creatives out there - use your imagination and talent and remake and upcycle these surprise items in your package. It could be anything - cut off sleeves, add a hood - there is no limit to what you can make. There will be a mix of clothing, scraps, fabric, gloves , straps...We would love to see your creation so please tag us on instagram so we can showcase your work.

      Collector Bag: 
      For those who love surplus for its history, this is a package for you. Tell us a country and we will pick items for you or let us do the picking and we can combine items from various countries. For example, it could be a British web set or German Field Jacket or a helmet. 

      Please note because we are giving deep discounts and FREE items, plus reduced shipping costs and being your personal shopper, NO EXCHANGES or RETURNS are accepted, BUT we want you to be satisfied so we will do our best to make you happy. We also know many people want MORE of some of the items we add to their mystery package, like Jack who wanted 3 more pairs of the Vintage Canadian Wind Pants he received in his $40 mystery bag. We were happy to sell them to him to reduce our regular price of $50/pr to "make him happy" and he very happy purchasing 5 pairs for $40/pr. WIN-WIN :-) 

      TIPS are not only smart but appreciated, your personal shopper will be motivated.

      You have Questions, we have answers: