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      Genuine Grip Footwear

      Genuine Grip Footwear

      Genuine Grip Footwear is your best source for slip-resistant footwear at factory-direct prices.  Manufacturing footwear since 1932, Genuine Grip's expertise comes from our team's accumulated technologies, skills, experiences and ideas in the footwear industries.  We are headquartered in Garfield, New Jersey with national distribution capabilities.

      More than one million people suffer from slip, trip or falling injuries each year, and more than 16,000 die as a result of falls, second only to automobiles as a cause of death.  Falls are estimated to cause at least 17 percent of occupational injuries, and more than 18 percent of public-sector injuries according to the National Safety Council.

      Slips, trips and falls are one of the top causes of industrial accident. Presently they account for nearly 15% of all lost workday accidents according to the National Safety Council's 2006 Accident Facts.  The average cost for down time resulting from a slip, trip or fall accident at working place is $28,000 for each occurrence. Compounding this cost is training a replacement worker. 

      Genuine Grip's mission is to reduce slip and fall accidents while providing comfort for our customers.

      Our soles have specially designed tread patterns made of special rubber compound to maximize slip-resistance.  In the sole to sole comparison tests, it has been proved that Genuine Grip's sole is the best slip resistant sole on tile with water, oil, or shortening.  Also, our performance-inspired design WALKING ON AIR Dri-Lex Polyurethane footbed provides superb shock absorbency, comfort and moisture absorption.  Genuine Grip Footwear not only reduces injuries, but also reduces foot pain and stress that cause fatigue to lower back, hip, ankles and knees.

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