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      Vintage Big & Tall Section

      First, we want to explain a little about VINTAGE MILITARY SURPLUS.

      When we first aquire anything through governement auctions/liquidation from all over the world, it does NOT come sorted. It will arrive in large Sea Bails that maybe listed as "winter" or "wool" or "footwear". And within, those bails of "wool" for example, will be EVERYTHING WOOL. It will have wool shirts, pants, jkts, socks, liners, hats, gloves, underware, etc etc etc. There are NO size breakdowns, or variations in the bails, you get what is there.

      Now, lets talk about the era's of our military surplus. We can have things dating back as far as WWI. Back in early times, clothes were simply made smaller, and often with little to no stretch. Materials such as polyester, raw denim and wool were used, and tailored to fit the soldiers. 
      Even today, when you typically enlist in the miltary, you are young, fit and in shape, So often the clothing issued is within the size ranges of SMALL - LARGE. And things that fit outside that rage are rarer.

      As time goes on, there becomes LESS and LESS of those rare larger sizes, and well, some of that stuff is not even manufactured anymore!

      We are starting to find re-enactment products that are made as simluarly as possible to the orginal, but they are not heavily produced and often go out of stock quickly.
      We also try to carry other products that are new and made by trusted military manufactures to help fill in those size gaps.

      Here you will find what we DO have available in Authentic Military Surplus in things LARGER then X-LARGE. As well as some RE-PRODUCED items to fill in simlar items in the sizes you need

      We thank you for sharing our love in Military Surplus and if you have any questions about the availabilty of sizing of somthing, simply email OR

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