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      We are not Ukrainian but we are Human

      We are here and ready to ship Clothing, Equipment, Gear, Food and much more. Please email us for donations, ( as we are ready to support from our massive stocks of inventory. We have the gear that they need, to stay alive and well.

      Thank you, God Bless us all. Sorry at this time we are not shipping any orders to RUSSIA, even though we have many loyal customers, complain to your President. Let's hope for a quick end to this terrible situation.


      We understand that there are thousand of organizations, churches, community centers and hundreds of thousands of people that wish to do more than HOPE for the best. They know how important the basics such as CLOTHING, BOOTS, THERMALS, HELMETS, BAGS, PACKS, GLOVES, MASKS and FOOD are to the safety and survival of not only the Brave Ukrainian people but also their nation. 
      We have put together DONATION PACKS. We have tried to make it easier for people to shop based on GENERAL BUNDLES. You can select your price point and size(s) desired. 

      Ми розуміємо, що є тисячі організацій, церков, громадських центрів і сотні тисяч людей, які бажають зробити більше, ніж НАДІЯ на краще. Вони знають, наскільки важливими є такі базові речі, як ОДЯГ, ЧЕРЕТИ, ТЕРММАТИКИ, ШОЛОМИ, СУМКИ, ПАКИ, РУКАВИЧКИ, МАСКИ та ЇЖА для безпеки та виживання не лише хороброго українського народу, а й його нації. Ми зібрали пакети пожертв. Ми постаралися полегшити людям покупки на основі ЗАГАЛЬНИХ ПАЧОК. Ви можете вибрати свою ціну та бажаний розмір(и).


      For each pack we sell we will match the items selected and double the support felt by the Ukrainian. 

      1) Civilian
      Thank you. 


      Preparedness Ukraine Products

      *These items are NOT listed on our site, if you are interested in any of these BULK items, please email *

      * Bandages Sterile Burn Dressing Guaz Kit Two Sizes Large Size A” x B” Medium Size A” X B” 

      Thermal Cool Max Modaacrylic Undergarments Base layer Level 1 First Layer of Protection for Moisture Wicking Protection for Hot Or Cold Theaters

      Polortec brand Fleece Under Jacket Level 3  - 4 season use Hot /Cold polyester fabric  200 available 

      Gas Mask  breathing apparatus  / protection for airways 
      A) Russian Civilian mask Kit B) Belgium gas Mask 

      Gas Mask Filters for above Breathing apparatus
      A) older carbon filter Unactivated charcoal 

      Mask N95 Breathing filter face Covering

      Gas Mask Protective Head cover Rubber anti-exposure CW Warfare

      Footwear Boots Leather A) New B) Used Reconditioned 

      Footwear Boots suede / canvas tan desert A) New B ) Used 

      Footwear Socks Stockings A) Wool blend B) Coolmax base layer 

      Footwear Sole Inserts Closed Cell Foam 

      Footwear Outer Rubber CW Protection,CW Overboot  

      Outerwear Jackets 4 season Yugo Field Jacket With Removable Insulation  Liner 

      Outerwear Top Level 3 Under layer liner Bear Jacket Cold weather 

      Outerwear 4 seasons ACU Acu Combat shirt A) with Spacer mesh pads to hot cool airflow separation  B) Combat shirt Only no spacers mesh pads 

      Clothing Headcover  A) Winter Hats B) Summer Hats 

      Clothing Headcover  Base Layer Modacrylic Thermal Balaclava A)Full Face B) Open face C) Open Face Winged Jaw Adaptable 

      Clothing Headcover Base layer Modacrylic Thermal Neck Gator ,Multi adaptable use 

      Clothing Wrap scarf  neck face covering A) wool Knit B) cotton absorbent 

      Clothing Handwear Gloves protection:

      A) Pigskin Leather Used Reconditioned  
      B) pigskin leather, silk lined affixed permanent Used Reconditioned 

      Clothing Handwear CW Outer Rubber Gauntlet Gloves With Inner Cotton absorbent protective Glove

      A) New In Pack ,black medium size 

      B) Used ,Bulk Pkg green & Black two colors 

      Accessories Caulemune Military Snap Chemical lights 

      Accessories Parachute Cord Nylon Braided Rope Maximum strength
      White in color 

      Footwear tactical socks silver 

      Footwear Socks wool blend:

      A) new B ) reconditioned wool  - Packs of 12 

      Footwear athletic Coolmax base layer sock ,New One Size 

      Footwear Nylon insulation down feather,blue commercial 

      Footwear Gortex seal skin boot sock - British 

      Footwear Mesh Insoles 

      Footwear Boot Insoles impact absorption ,Closed cell foam ALtama 

      Footwear Boot Leather Impregnite Dubbin waterproofing Protective 

      Footwear Boot laces Bulk Pack 

      Footwear leg covers (ankle/ shin leggings) Gaiters waterproof ,

      Knee protection Kneepads velcro  elastic  shell and hard
      polycarbonate knee cap  1/pairs 

      Elbow pads Velcro elastic shell / hard polycarbonate elbow cap  ( 1 Pr ) 

      Trousers Mens Combat pant 6 pocket BDU 

      Trouser Mens Combat Pant 6-8 pocket ACU 

      Trouser Mens Combat pant 6 Pocket OD EUro Canvas cotton 

      Trousers Mens and Womens Medical Uniforms Top & Bottom White  Clothing 

      Jacket (Spring Summer) (Dpm Disruptive Pattern Camouflage )
      mid weight 8 pocket 

      Jacket (Spr/sum) combat jacket mid weight BDU 5 pocket 

      Jacket Combat issue Mid weight ACU 8 Pocket 

      Gear for outdoor reconnaissance 

      Ground sheets 

      Sleeping Bags Dutch army quilted Polyfill 10 degrees
      medium weight sleeping bag 

      Sleeping Bags Kit Liner Carrier and Main Bag 

      Mesh military Laundry bag  Nylon Net Drawcord 

      Sleeping Bag Closed-Cell Foam Bedrolls Mats US Army 

      Sleeping Bag Mats Self Inflatable as is ( US army Grey ) 

      Canvas sleeping Bag Cover US army 

      Canvas sleeping Bag Liner Inner lining 

      Sleeping Bag Extreme Cold weather AS is Zipper Issue ) 

      Bed sheet 

      Pelican 1620 hardigg equipment protection case A “x B” XC “ 

      Ammunition Canisters Waterproof 

      Rain Protection Top 

      Rain Protection Bottom 

      Rain Protection Poncho Zeltbaun 

      Dutch army Canvas Rain capes

      Rubber Overboots US Army Olive Green Toggle tie 

      Rubber Overboots Can army Zippered Used 

      Medical Field Litters / Hospital stretchers 

      Bed sheets Linen Field Hospital /Humanitarian 

      Mollie Carriers vest 

      Assault vests Mollie harness

      Mollie Pouches A) B) C) D) E) F) G) Canteen carrier
      H) mess kit carrier and eating field  cook trays I) Kfs pouch J) CAT tourniquet  

      Main field bouch fanny bag 

      Pouch Field Medical Kit 

      Pouch Extra dump ammo 

      Pouch Grenade 4 pack ) 

      Grenade pouches 

      Mess Kit Pouches 

      Canteen Carrier 

      Canteen Metal Drinking and cookware ,Canteen Cup 

      Cup , Swedish army Green Scoop Style Melamine Plastic 

      Straps Carrier Bedroll Us Army canvas 

      Bedroll Carrier British army / Poncho roll canavas !952 pattern 

      Backpack  soft Three Day assault ,Mollie

      Backpack framed Large Full gear Carrier ,Mollie 

      Webbing sets, asst

      Chemical Warfare MOP Gear Modular Protection Suit 

      Carbon lined Charcoal activated Jacket and Trousers 

      Overgarment works as a system of covering and protective overgear

      All comes in Airtight Mylar packages sealed - New 


      Personal tent Woods Bag and Canvas 5 Person capacity  Woods Prospector Canvas no Floor  

      Modular GI USA Modular sections 12x 8 ( Skins with out framework ) 

      Modular GI Canada Army Sectional 12 X 8 ( canvas or Vinyl skin with out framework 

      Framework available outside source 

      General Purpose GI USA Mecanics frame tent 

      GI AIR frame Hospital tent ( Please inquire ) 

      General Hospital tenting ( Please Inquire ) 

      General Kitchen Tenting ( Please inquire ) 

      Military Field Rations  MRE   USA 

      Military Field Rations MRE Canada 

      Coveralls Flying Aramid Nomex Pilot USAF Sage USAF Tan US Army Tan ) 

      Coveralls Flying Aramid Nomex Tanker ( US Army Olive Green ) 

      Coveralls Tanker Combat Cloth Canada Olive drab ,New ( Canada Army Tanker ) 

      Coveralls Tanker Aramid US ARMY Smalls New 

      Coveralls Mechanic working Can army 

      Coveralls Mechanics Working US army 

      Aramid FR ( Fire Rated Level FR3) clothing 

      Working Trousers Can navy FR2 

      Working Jackets Can Navy FR2

       Old school new items 

      Thermal Long Johns 

      Old school Cotton Poly fabric New 

      Old school Cotton Zip neck field top Long Sleeve 

      Old school Cotton Thermal bottoms Swedish military White New 

      Old school wool balaclavas French , Yugo , Swedish , Swiss

      Old school nomex gunner gloves ,Canada artillery ( outside supplier) 

      Old school Wool Knit Neckover Tube ( Converts to a touque or face balaclava ) French Army 


      Support Suspenders Nylon Y style Grey in Color DDR ( adaptable to all web belts Hook style ) 

      Support Suspenders Canvas H style Olive Drab in Color ( adaptable to some web belts ,D ring adjustable strap ) 

      Netting Camouflage US Army 20x10 New  Radar Scattering 

      Netting Camouflage US army Fire resistant 20X10 NEW

      Netting Camouflage Belgium ARMY 20X20  USED EXCELLENT

      Netting Camouflage Canada Force 20x20 Used Excellent 

      Netting Camouflage US army 2010 era Tan and Brown Radar Scattering , Fire Rated 

      Cover Foxhole Groundsheet Scandanavian Armed Forces 

      Cover Tarpaulin Canvas 15x40 Avail Insulated
      White FireProof For Modular tent US army 

      Parachute Nylon Covers Used as Temporary Shelters and camouflage
      T10 size 35 ft Circumference 

      Duffle Bag  Carrier BW Canvas Top loader one strap 

      Duffle Bags Carrier BW Canvas TWo strap Top loader 

      Duffle Bags East German Box carrier open all sides 

      Large Cotton Mat Cover For Large cover 

      ParaChute Bags Zippered Canadian 

      Parachute Kit BagUS army 3 strap 

      Duffle Bags Medium Size Nylon Belgium 

      Duffle Bags Medium Size Canvas French 

      Duffle Bags USA army Cordura nylon Duffle

      Bags Compression Bag sleeping 

      Laundry Bags nylon and rubber Waterproof carrier bags 

      Laundry Bag Cotton With Draw Cord 


      Nylon Cordura canadian army 1982 pattern 

      Nylon Cordura US Army ACU deployment Bag with Frame Mollie 

      Nylon Cordura Reconnaissance Pack ( secondary supplier ) 

      First AID KIT USMC ( Secondary supply )

      CAT Tourniquet 

      Shoulder Bag Cotton canvas light wt RU Gas mask bag 

      Shoulder Bag Canvas cotton US M9-A1 Gas mask leg or belt carrier with CW pouches 

      Shoulder Bag Canvas cotton Carriier German BW army Cotton Butter Bag personal equipment Bag 

      Shoulder Bag British Satchel 

      Ditie Diddie Bag personal  washing  latrine  Bag carrier ( zippered ) 

      Ditty Bag Footwear Cotton size small BW Draw Corded 

      Dittie Bag Footwear Cotton Size extra small BW Draw Corded 

      Canvas AK 47 Ammo pouch  British Ammo Pouch 1952

      Scorpion Multicam Trousers and Shirts 


      Sandbags Nylon 

      Sandbags Canvas 

      Casualty Carrier 

      Body Bag  3 Type 

      First aid Litters Stretchers 


      and much more......