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      Let’s do it - 


      Husky 37 in. Rolling Tool Box Utility Cart Black, lightly used NO Tool Tray included.

      Retail $99.95-$149.95++++

      Wholesale $58.50

      Used Excellent - Pallet of 12
      $40 each or
      ($50 shipped east $65 shipped west)
      3 or more pallets $5 off)

      * Reorder of a Pallet of 20 Pelicans for $100/each shipped 
      (east or west)

      2) case of 10 British p58 web complete sets:

      Vintage British P58 Web
      Equipment 8-Piece Set:

      * Case of 10 Used good $250 ($25 each) 
      * Case of 10 Used very good $350 ($35 each)
      * Case of 10 Half and Half $300 ($30 each)

      Case of 50 sets 10% off
      Plus shipping. 

      * A pair of British Boots, DPM Jacket and Pants shipped Free with each case.

      3) Grab bag of 250 mixed military surplus hats
      asst sizes, styles, conditions.



      250 pc Lots

      Winter $500 ($2/each)
      Summer $400 ($1.6/each)
      Mixed $450 ($1.80/each)

      (2 lots) 500 pcs

      Winter $875 ($1.75/each)
      Summer $700 ($1.40/each)
      Mixed $800 ($1.60.each)

      Plus shipping 

      * Plus FREE Sample Pack of our:
      Mixed Lots of gloves & socks 

      Invitation to Visit & Shop Buffalo. 

      Finally we are inviting you to tour 500,000 sq ft SURPLUS warehouse in Buffalo this SUMMER. CASH AND CARRY. PICK/PULL/PAY

      To book an appointment/tour:

      Uncle Sam's / camoLOTS Distribution Center -
      290 Larkin Street Buffalo NY 14210
      Voice: 646-481-2266

      Richard Geist:
      Robert Geist:
      Betsy (support)
      Cynthia (HQ)
      Susan (HQ).