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      We carry a WIDE variety of Military Surplus that was purchased at Military Auctions all over the world!

      When a military sells their surplus it is not always ISSUED or WORN as it is made in abundance and once the "tour" is over, the military auctions it off mixed with issued and worn pieces

      The Military has to change it at least 10% before auctioning it off to the public

      SO, they often remove patches, straps,  or "wash" the product to change the color

      This means we get a lot of different "GRADES" of each piece

      The Conditions of our product are broken down as follows;

      Near New = items that are still SURPLUS, but may not have been issued and/or lightly worn

      Used Excellent = items that are in near new condition, but have been issued and may have lightly been worn

      Used Good = items that have been pre-worn, pre-used and pre-loved. It may have some small knicks, scratches, tears and/or discoloration

      Used = Items that have been REALLY loved, worn, or used. May have larger knicks, scratches, tears or discoloration. May be missing buttons, or need zipper repair


      Bail of Military boots purchased from a Military Auction
      Skids of AMMO cans purchased from the Military