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      Disaster Preparation & Recovery

      Disaster Preparation & Recovery
      As Disasters are unfortunatly becoming more and more common, in many ways, we are here to help you in the different stages of each Disaster. Here are some examples of the 5 stages of the Disaster cycle.
      The 5 Stages of the Disaster-Management Cycle
      1. Prevention. The best way to address a disaster is by being proactive.
      2. Mitigation. Mitigation aims to minimize the loss of human life that would result from a disaster.
      3. Preparedness. Preparedness is an ongoing process in which individuals, communities, businesses and organizations can plan and train for what they’ll do in the event of a disaster. Preparedness is defined by ongoing training, evaluating and corrective action, ensuring the highest level of readiness
      4. Response. Response is what happens after the disaster occurs. It involves both short- and long-term responses.
      5. Recovery. The fifth stage in the disaster-management cycle is recovery. This can take a long time, sometimes years or decades. Ultimately, this stage is about helping individuals, communities, businesses and organizations return to normal or a new normal depending on the impact of the disaster.

      No matter what stage of Disaster you are currently in, we have many things that can help along the way.

      Please email givingback@camolots.com for inquiries on large items, overseas shippments, and possible orgainzational discounts! We are here to HELP!

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