War Armor Soft Shell Tactical Pants

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This pant is great to withstand the elements.  It is fleece lined which allows for softness, durability and for warmth! The outer layer is a nylon-poly blend for increased durability. This pant not only provides against the elements but is quite stylish as well.  You can wear these while on the job, camping, hiking or just everyday wear in the car or subway. You can wear them alone or have layers underneath depending on your needs. This is a great pant to have in your closet during the cool and cold months. 


Brand Name: WAR ARMOR

Material: Nylon, Polyester
Lining Material: 100% Polyester - Fleece
Regular length, 6 pocket Fleece lined pants

A Swiss EMS-Grilon Crystal nylon fleece fiber woven fabric lined with a
Taiwan developed dimensional carbon fiber weave and has a seamless adhesive pattern.  For extra strength it has reinforced pockets and zippers.
.220 g superfine fleece inner lining
DINTEX is a waterproof breathable membrane laminant
Resistent to wind and rain and provides a high degree of warmth
Velcro pocket closer and easy cuff adjustments with zippers and Velcro


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