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      Military surplus are goods that are sold or otherwise disposed of when no longer needed by the military. Entrepreneurs often buy these goods and resell them at surplus stores. Usually the goods sold by the military are clothing, equipment, and tools of a nature that is generally useful to the civilian population, as well as embroidered patches, name tags, and other items that can be used for a faux military uniform. Occasionally, vehicles (jeeps, trucks, etc.) will be sold as well.[1] Some military surplus dealers also sell military surplus firearms, spare parts, and ammunition alongside surplus uniforms and equipment.

      Demand for such items comes from various collectors, outdoor adventurers, hunters, survivalists, and players of airsoft and paintball, as well as others seeking high quality, sturdy, military issue garb. The goods may be used, or not. Some merchants of surplus goods also sell goods that are privately manufactured in military standards.

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      These are the real deal! 13 button US sailor pants (for the original 13 colonies!) These black, thin wool 13 button pants were Made in the USA. The pants have the buttons in the front and ties in the back...

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      $ 742.63

      The Women's U.S. Air Force Uniform jacket is a night-blue short waist, slim fitting, tailored appeal. The flat pocket has small flaps at the front chest has accent pockets at the waist of the jacket are two slimming tabs that...

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      Thank you for understanding that this item is not included in Free Shipping - We will send you an invoice for shipping cost.  Please do not choose free shipping. The 30 Cal is also known as 7.62MM and M19A1. Our...

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      This officer cap is U.S. Army origin. It is the perfect accessory for the Army Officer uniform for Men and Women. It comes in all sizes. If you are looking to piece together your enlisted uniform, we have it all....

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      On Sale From $ 30.00 $ 15.00

      Thank you for understanding that this item is not included in Free Shipping - We send you an invoice for shipping cost, please do not choose free shipping.  Rubber gasket in lid keeps can air and water tight Keeps ammunition,...

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      On Sale From $ 37.20 $ 10.00

      Genuine US Issue BDU Shirt/Jacket, in classic Woodland Camo. Versatile and comfortable, this vintage piece wears well with anything. Features four front pockets, button up front and buttons on the wrists for extra closeness. As this is Genuine Military Surplus,...

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      On Sale From $ 37.20 $ 15.00

      BDU Combat Shirt Woodland Camouflage, four pockets with 2 button closure flaps each...This is an authentic US Military BDU(Battle Dress Uniform) top, square cut. Material is made for Tropical environments, very very cool, but wears well-ripstop really works. Ultimate tropical/summer...

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      On Sale From $ 45.19 $ 15.00

      Chemical Biological g M40/M42-Hood. Hard to find.  This is essential when using a gas mask. It helps prevent exposure to the skin and the head/neck area.  It also limits access of the contaminants into the Bio/Chem Suit. Don't Forget Our...

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      Gortex Extreme Cold Weather System Unit (ECWS)- fur trim hood liner. This is made from synthetic fur and all Made in the USA. This piece is detachable from the hood. Hood is not included - this is the fur trim...

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      $ 15.00

      These Are Military Surplus Flame Resistant Sleeping Bag Liners That Were Used On H.M. Ships These Would Be Great For Keeping Your Sleeping Bag Protected Near The Campfire Snaps Open And Closed For Easy Access Size 75" x 28" Made...

      $ 129.00

      Napping on the go…camping, hiking, adventuring, and more.. This genuine US Army issue folding cot with an aluminum frame is the perfect cot to take when you’re on the go and need a stable, comfortable sleeping option. Made from heavy-duty...

      $ 8.00

      U.S. military issue, made in USA NSN: 8405-00-110-8294 White Utility Trousers 65/35 polyester/cotton twill blend 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets Durable Press Material