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Chemical, biological retardant suit- As a first line of practical defense against an unknown agent (anthrax), this suit provides a shield, a layer, between your skin and that agent. Combined with boots, hood, mask and gloves, this system affords the individual some measure of protection without knowing exactly what foreign agent has been presented. Tyvek material shell. Hood and booties attached. * Booties attached * Elastic at wrists * One size fits all The (anthrax) suit is a real, 100% occupational safety suit to guard against chemical. Other uses range range from clean work environments to costume to paintball governance. Uncle Sam's has a variety of gas masks available. Accessories includes masks (cangm), rubber gloves (acchgl), rubber protective boots (bcm039), goggles (10347), and emergency reflective tape. Tips: The Department of Defense recommends that servicemen and women contact their chain of command on questions about the vaccine and its distribution. The anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program in the U.S. Army Surgeon General's Office can be reached at 1-877-GETVACC (1-877-438-8222). During times of terror, anthrax is feared as a biological weapon. You may protect yourself by knowing more about anthrax. Anthrax is diagnosed by isolating B. anthracis from the blood, skin lesions, or respiratory secretions or by measuring specific antibodies in the blood of persons with suspected cases.