US Atomic Energy Parallsilk Undersuit

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Dangerous and exciting, this awesome Atomic Energy Parallsilk Undersuit are loose fit coveralls made of parachute material. The Parallsilk's are non-military issue, chic civilian wear. You will be safe on the street or a nuclear power station when you are wearing the items worn to operate a nuclear power plant. Homer Simpson move over. Suggested accessories include large round space-age glasses, radiation measuring devices, gas masks (gmrus), and helmets (1994). Atomic Energy Parallsilk's are worn at nuclear power plants. They can be worn baggy, loose with a hip hop fashion appeal, and also space-age maintenance work. The coveralls are very airy and light. Great for warm weather walks such as painting and boat work. * 100% nylon * Light Purple color * 2 chest pockets accessed from the inside * 21" center front zipper * Snap at ankles.