Vintage US M65 Combat Pants

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These cool vintage M65 Combat Pants gets its name from the year they were made 1965. The M65 is the piece that launched this timeless silhouette. This 6-pocket pant predates, the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).

These combat pants are great for everyday wear! They have a drawstring waist and side tabs for general sizing. There is a drawstring in the pocket to hold your compass (back then) but now the pocket is great for cell phones! Also, the drawstrings at the ankle allows you to have multiple looks at the ankle. You can tie the strings up for a tight fit or expand the drawstring out for a more comfortable relaxed look or roll the bottom up. This military flare will look great! Military always has a timeless and classic look.

These pants feel like loose canvas material that can be worn over other pants or wear alone. You can also buy a quilted pant liner that can be buttoned into the pant and used for cold weather activities. Whether walking around a cold winter afternoon in the city or hunting.... these pants are not only stylish but quite functional. Don't get fooled - anything for fashion and you can wear these on the beach at night, too!

These pants are VERY RARE and your order might take a week to fill. The prices are based on condition - see drop down menu.